wild Ireland

Nikon D4s Project

This winter I was approached by Nikon to test a new flagship camera Nikon D4s and photograph pool of photos in to the Nikon brochure. For me it was a super challenging task. During four weeks I had to photograph marine birds, leaping dolphins, landscapes and stormy waves. This winter was extremely stormy and Irish coastline got hammered by one of the biggest storms ever. Wildlife was hiding and I was really struggling to find any animals. The part of the project was a video feature. Corey Rich and his video team came to Ireland for four days to follow my story as a part of film call DEDICATED, a story about three prolific photographers who are out there working their asses off, day after day, to capture the best, most creative still pictures possible. Those photographers are: Dave BlackRobert Beckand George Karbus.

DEDICATED from Corey Rich on Vimeo.