wild Ireland

When George arrived in Ireland 10 years ago, he was armed with a true love of the ocean that belied his land-locked upbringing in the Czech Republic. He funded his first professional camera by working as a porter in a Galway hotel and from that point dedicated himself fully and completely to photographing Ireland’s emerald coastline. It certainly paid off and in 2009 he was awarded the Nature’s Best Photography Award, one of the most prestigious and world-recognised photography accolades. In recent years he has also won Outdoor Photographer of the Year and his talents have gained him national and international recognition.

In the wild excitement of the Atlantic coastline, he captures moments of calm and serenity, the fragmented colours of dawn breaking, viewed from the sea and gazing onto the land. He is out there, waiting, watching and photographing while most of us are curled up sleeping on cold winter mornings. Imagine giant gliding whales in crystal clear Atlantic depths or world class surfers barrelling inches overhead as George holds his breath for impossible lengths of time dangerously close to the breaking waters.

It takes more than just an artistic eye to encapsulate this on camera and George lives and breathes his work. It is his passion. It is his way of life. He is an experienced surfer and free-diver and spends every day of the year in the water, preparing, practicing and keeping fit. He is settled in Lahinch with his young family and together they can be found on any day of the year surfing in the waves or free-diving with dolphins. Through the eyes of this talented free-spirit we catch a glimpse at our small island’s immense beauty and can appreciate the transformative effect of nature by appreciating it with him

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British Wildlife Photography Awards
overall winner

Nature’s Best Photography
Ocean Views: fourth place

British Wildlife Photography Awards
Coast and Marine: Highly Commended

Outdoor Photographer of the Year
Spirit of Adventure: winner

Outdoor Photographer of the Year
Overall winner
On The Wing: winner

British Wildlife Photography Awards
Coast and Marine: Highly Commended

Nikon Calendar
limited edition

Nature’s Best Photography
Ocean Views: Winner

Digital Camera Photographer
of the Year
Animals: Highly Commended






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